Legislative Trends Affecting Condos and HOAs in 2018

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Legislative Trends Affecting Condos and HOAs in 2018

2018 Advocacy – As members of the HOA industry it is so important to stay up to date on issues that affect us and our Communities.  CAI lets us know what they support for upcoming Legislation.  Please see this link to sign up for the Advocacy Emails from CAI National. https://www.caionline.org/Advocacy/Pages/default.aspx

Please research the pending National Legislation in regards to Federal Funding helping Communities after a Disaster.   FEMA and the Federal Government help pay for the debris removal after a disaster.  The Legislation could directly affect this. This could affect your communities directly since it is directed at private Communities.  The Legislation does not clearly outline what a private Community is.  Advocacy  emails will let you know how CAI stands, For or Against!  This will help you make an educated decision.

Each of these issues could be addressed nationally or by state.  Stay informed about any pending Legislation.  Add your email to the mailing list to help you stay informed.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in anyway.

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