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Discrimination in HOA’s

Discrimination in HOA’s is a growing concern.  Please see the attached presentation given by Adam Beaudoin of Ward and Smith and Andrew Bateman of TriSure Insurance.  It is becoming more and more common for Community Associations, at some point in time, to have discrimination charges filed, or threatened to be filed, against them.  Most of the time, such threats and charges are the direct results of the association enforcing the terms of its governing documents, and compelling residents to do something they don’t want to do.  Sometimes these threats and charges are valid and many times they are not.  How can you tell?  Please take the time to go through the presentation.

Also we would be willing to come to your Firm to meet  and discuss this with your Team.

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Andrew Bateman and his team, through Trisure - a nationally licensed independent commercial insurance agency - specialize in working with single family, townhome and condominium homeowner associations. They provide HOAs with a complementary review of their present insurance program based on the policies in place and the governing documents to evaluate the community’s current coverage and find any gaps that may exist that could potentially put the association at risk. You can contact them directly via email at info@WeLoveHOAs.com or visit their website at www.WeLoveHOAs.com for further information or to request an evaluation of coverage.