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Andrew Bateman and his team, through Trisure - a nationally licensed independent commercial insurance agency - specialize in working with single family, townhome and condominium homeowner associations. They provide HOAs with a complementary review of their present insurance program based on the policies in place and the governing documents to evaluate the community’s current coverage and find any gaps that may exist that could potentially put the association at risk. You can contact them directly via email at info@WeLoveHOAs.com or visit their website at www.WeLoveHOAs.com for further information or to request an evaluation of coverage.

(CAI-NC) 2023 Annual Conference & Expo

Don't miss out on attorney Adam Beaudoin's double-act at the North Carolina Chapter of the Community Associations Institute (CAI-NC) 2023 Annual Conference & Expo! Let Adam guide you through topics such as "Solar Energy, Charging Stations, Drones and Other New Issues Facing Community Associations" with his session featuring insights from industry professionals Andrew Bateman, [...]

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3 Safety Measures Condominium Boards Should Take Today

The tragic collapse of the Champlain Tower South in Surfside, Florida, in June 2021 has condo owners and boards of directors across the U.S. questioning the safety of their own communities. Ninety-eight people died as a result of the collapse, bringing scrutiny to the legal requirements and standards related to the ongoing maintenance and structural [...]

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After Surfside, Heightened Focus on Condo Association Insurance

In a perfect world, condominium associations would hire a structural engineer to inspect their property every couple of years. The engineer would inform the association of any compromises to the building’s structural integrity or electrical system, and the association’s board of directors would authorize repairs in timely fashion, simultaneously managing risk and controlling costs [...]

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Facing the Truth About Aging Infrastructure

As buildings and their internal systems and physical components age, how can the community associations that own them best prepare to meet the unexpected—but necessary— financial demands. Over many conversations in recent years, members of the Foundation for Community Association Research (FCAR) have identified aging infrastructures—the physical structures and the components within them that [...]

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Discrimination in HOA’s

Discrimination in HOA’s is a growing concern.  Please see the attached presentation given by Adam Beaudoin of Ward and Smith and Andrew Bateman of TriSure Insurance.  It is becoming more and more common for Community Associations, at some point in time, to have discrimination charges filed, or threatened to be filed, against them.  Most [...]

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HOA/Condo Directors — Duties, Standards of Conduct, and Liability

This week Jim Slaughter, Attorney, Black, Slaughter & Black wrote an excellent article on Board of Directors for HOA’s duties, standard of conduct, and the Liability. This is a great article for new and long standing board members of HOA’s.   Congratulations! You’ve just been elected to your HOA/condo association board of directors. Your new [...]

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FEMA’s Definition of a Private Association

Hope you are having a great start to your morning.   I wanted to make sure that you have seen the information about FEMA’s definition of a Private Association.  FEMA is trying to limit where they will reimburse local municipalities for debris pick-up or disaster assistance after a Hurricane or natural disaster.  They want private association, [...]

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Workers Compensation Insurance for HOA Boards

What Is Workers Compensation Insurance? While it is the legal responsibility of the employers to ensure safe workplaces, accidents are inevitable. Here the Workers Compensation insurance can help by providing coverage for work-related illnesses or injuries to the employers of an organization. These benefits are given to the workers, irrespective of who was at fault [...]

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Protect Your HOA Board Against Embezzlement

It is essential to know how to protect the funds of your community as a member of an HOA Board of Directors. Here are certain practices that will ensure that the accounts of the members of your HOA Board are protected against embezzlement: Know the FTI number of the association: All bank accounts should be [...]

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