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Do you have adequate Directors and Officers Insurance?

We are constantly surprised by how many HOA board members are without D&O Coverage. Even those board members who do have coverage are often not fully covered, sometimes leaving large gaps in their coverage that can put them at risk.

Do you have a false sense of security? Get peace of mind that you have the correct coverage and contact us today for an insurance audit.

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Crime and Fidelity Coverage

This is the coverage to protect the Communities money in the Operating Accounts and Reserve Accounts. The coverage protect from Embezzling, Check Fraud, Wire Fraud and 3rd party Crimes.

The requirement for Crime and Fidelity Coverage will come from the Covenants for the Community. In the Insurance section it will outline the requirement, and sometimes the amount of coverage. A rule of thumb is 3 months Operating Budget plus total amount in the Reserve Accounts.

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Workers Compensation for a Non-Profit Corporation

Workers Compensation is almost always required when you have paid employees. Each State is different. Please ask during your REVIEW of your Insurance.

For a Community that does not have paid employees, it is recommended to carry Workers Compensation Coverage. This coverage is made to cover injuries and rehabilitation for injured Board members, Committee Members and Volunteers that are hurt while working for an Association. Working for the Association could mean Community Clean-up Days, Planting Flowers, Painting, or spreading Mulch for example.

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Umbrella for a Community Association

It is highly recommended that a community get an Umbrella. It is the least expensive way to Increase the amount of liability Coverage. Most Umbrellas are for covering over the General Liability for the Community. If the Community has any of the 4 P’s it is a very good idea to carry an Umbrella.

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